San Antonio is steeped in deep Latino roots, as well as a fusion of other cultures that have shaped the city’s diversity. This blending is omnipresent in cuisine, architecture, music, special events, plazas, presidios, museums and missions. With its colorful history, Texas hospitality, cultural diversity, contemporary art and historic architecture, San Antonio is an excellent choice for a weekend getaway or a week of immersion and relaxation. Let us help you plan your San Antonio experience. Check out the suggested itineraries or request a Travel & Leisure Guide.

Group Itinerary

San Antonio’s location makes it a great destination for groups. Not only are there tons of things to do without setting foot in a car, but when travel is required, most destinations are within 10 to 25 minutes of downtown.

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Student Youth Itinerary

For student groups, there’s an abundance of entertainment and education. Students will learn about the region’s history and cultural significance, and then they’ll enjoy some of the most exciting rides in the country at our theme parks.

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Individual Itinerary

For individual travelers, there’s more than enough to stay entertained. Whether learning about the city’s history or its incredible cuisine, travelers will have a trip full of both excitement and relaxation.

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Mature Itinerary

For the more seasoned traveler, we recommend really getting to know the area and its treasures. Learn about the rich cultural history of San Antonio, while also enjoying shopping, food, and relaxation.

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Hill Country Itinerary

Also known as The Heart of Texas, the Hill Country stretches nearly 150 miles from San Antonio to Brady, TX, and is bonded by the Balcones Fault to the east and the Llano Uplift to the west.

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