Mature Itinerary

Begin by having breakfast with the locals. Discover tender barbacoa, chilaquiles (a regional favorite made with eggs, cheese, peppers and crisp tortilla strips) and try a breakfast taco with chorizo con huevos seasoned with cumin.

Journey to the heart of downtown San Antonio to find the Alamo. Originally a Spanish Colonial mission, the Alamo is where 189 Texas defenders held out against Mexican General Santa Anna’s 4,000 troops for 13 days in their claim for Texas independence.

Embark on Mission Trail to explore the four other Spanish Colonial missions set amidst the native grasslands along the San Antonio River. All four are still active Catholic parishes.

When your appetite returns, venture to Market Square, the largest Mexican market north of the Rio Grand,e to find family owned cafés and colorful food booths. Indulge in authentic Tex-Mex cuisine with selections like Enchiladas Rancheras de Queso and Gorditas de Picadillo o Pollo. Recline amongst the papel picado and old world feel as you select pastries from panaderías served alongside fresh coffee.

Market Square has beautiful imports and pottery.

Plan for an evening stroll along San Antonio’s famed River Walk. A two-mile oasis that winds its way through the city’s central business district, offering visitors respite from street-level activity. Cobble- and flagstone paths meander through quiet, park-like areas and lead to European-style passages with sidewalk cafes, galleries, boutiques and nightclubs amid high-rise hotels.

River-Cuisine.jpgYou’ll always remember having dinner on the river. River cruisers provide the best view of the River Walk and reservations can be made to dine aboard. Choose from many great San Antonio restaurants to nourish your body as our beautiful river nourishes your spirit.

Retire to your River Walk hotel room and sit on the balcony and listen to the lapping sounds of the river and flamenco music in the night.